Action Builder Series

We care deeply about supporting your impact efforts. And are so grateful for all the work we’ve been able to support you in. Unfortunately, there are many efforts that we have not been able to support due to resource limitations.

Saying “no” to great partners has always been difficult to do, so we had to ask ourselves, “Is there a way we can support efforts that don’t have a budget to support traditional consulting and evaluation engagements?”

The answer is an emphatic, "Yes!"

Combining Spark’s expertise, technology, and proven frameworks for five strategic organizational needs, we are excited to offer the Action Builder Series.

A highly effective and efficient approach, the Action Builder Series is a unique way to get access to the heads, hands, and even hearts you want, to create five key solutions for your organization.

Vision and Mission

Craft a series of statements with words that matter. An effective vision and mission statement should be compelling enough to inspire and specific enough to direct. The Vision and Mission Package in the Action Builder Series will help you do exactly that with hands on partnership with the Spark Team.

Logic Model or Theory of Change

Clearly map how change will happen, starting with your desired result. Effective logic model and theories of change map a sequence of events that will and/or need to happen to create a desired result. This product from the Action Builder Series is highly useful for decision-making, implementation, and evaluation purposes.

Strategic or Adaptive Plan

Create a guide for prioritization and decision-making. An effective strategic or adaptive plan gets everyone on the same page with regard to priorities, and gives them permission to say “no” where needed. A strategic or adaptive plan from the Action Builder Series will align your organizational priorities and allocate resources most effectively.

Implementation or Work Plan

Build the processes and systems to successfully implement your strategies. An effective implementation or work plan outlines the processes and systems needed for individuals and teams to achieve goals. An implementation or work plan from the Action Builder Series will identify, select, and map processes for effectiveness and efficiency, along with the tools for change.

Evaluation or Data Strategy

Collect, analyze, learn, adapt, and improve. An effective evaluation or data strategy creates insights for learning and offers answers to problems. An evaluation or data strategy from the Action Builder Series will help you create the structure and tools for learning and improvement in your organization or initiative.

As we set out to create the Action Builder Series, we identified the common components of our most successful engagements with partners. We then designed the most efficient model we could to ensure each of these crucial touchpoints are met.

Our clients tell us they hire consultants for their heads, their hands, or their hearts. We have specifically designed the Action Builder Series to deliver one or more of the strategic products in the series and partner with you in the following ways.



  • Direct access to our Team’s expertise
  • Knowledge support for sense-making activities
  • Tools and frameworks for decision-making activities
  • Thought partnership for decision-making


  • A proven process to produce the specific product(s) you need from the series in an effective yet efficient manner
  • Added capacity with coaching, guidance, and progress from the Spark team


  • Partners who are as passionate about your impact, communities, and stakeholders as you are
  • Commitment to “Do Good, Even Better”

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get one or all of the products in the Action Builder Series in the most efficient and effective way, fill out an application today and one of our team members will contact you for a complimentary strategy call.