From the Action Builder Series:

Strategic or Adaptive Plan

Map your resources directly to value

Strategic or adaptive plans are a way to commit to what your organization will and won’t do to achieve your goals. These plans should give explicit details about what work should be done along with how.

Your Results

At the completion of the Adaptive or Strategic Plan program you will have a comprehensive strategic or adaptive plan to move forward implementing. This includes all of the decision points, implications, resource considerations, and process identification necessary to move forward with intention.

95% of a typical workforce doesn't understand its organization's strategy*



The Adaptive or Strategic Plan program from Spark's Action Builder Series will help you craft a plan that is clear, resilient, and adaptive. Giving you and your people guidance for each and every decision.

Every Program in the Action Builder Series includes:

  • A specially designed engagement to address your needs for Heads, Hands, and Hearts
  • Design around the five critical points of successful consulting engagements
  • A comprehensive handbook customized for your organization that stages the process so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • Up to 20 hours of coaching from a Spark Team member
  • A full document review by the Spark Team
  • Recordings and transcriptions from every consulting call or video conference
  • Comprehensive virtual facilitation to take you through your customized handbook
  • Review and revision for best-practices and the Action Builder criteria
  • Graphic and copy editing to produce your final product