Courses and Toolkits

Strategic Learning

The Strategic Learning course from Spark provides you with a foundational ability to communicate across your organization what strategic learning is and why it’s important for your company.

Also available:
Strategic Learning Toolkit

Adaptive Planning

This course lays out and explains each step of the adaptive planning process to enable you to increase utility, relevance, and sustainable and scalable impact. It’s accompanied by robust, tactical guidance and resources that strengthen your ability and confidence to successfully facilitate an adaptive strategy within your organization.

Also available:
Adaptive Planning Toolkit

Blending and Braiding

Blending and braiding are terms that are often used, but rarely defined and explained in detail because there is no single model for blending or for braiding, and each model must account for the needs of the community it serves.

Also available:
Engaging Nontraditional Voices
Strategic Backbone


Developmental Evaluation Toolkit

Making sense of complex systems and creating powerful strategies requires practical insights. Spark leads the way in producing actionable insight through consulting, evaluation, and facilitation - help you move forward meaningfully.

Blending & Braiding Toolkit

Your journey of equity is good in theory but better in practice. Spark partners with you, communities, and individuals to bring tools to grow impact equitably.

Farm to School Evaluation Toolkit

The Farm to School Evaluation Toolkit is a resource to help farm to school programs of all sizes undertake evaluation. Evaluation can serve many purposes for farm to school programs, including helping demonstrating a program’s success or progress.