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To solve complex societal problems, funders and communities are increasingly turning to innovative approaches like collective impact, field building, social movements, public will building, and more. These approaches require more adaptive and experimental strategies. Developmental evaluation (DE) can help! While DE does not replace formative or summative evaluations, it is a powerful tool to for understanding the effectiveness of innovative strategies and adapting those strategies as they are being implemented in unpredictable environments. In other words, DE helps adaptation to be intelligent, nimble, and oriented towards success in your effort.

This toolkit, developed by Spark Policy Institute and enriched by an ever-increasing community of experienced evaluators and change agents, provides practical tools to help novice-to-experienced social innovators enhance their understanding and practice of DE. They include frameworks, methods, learning techniques, tips, and more. These practical tools build on many thoughtful, thorough writings and courses on the theory and practice of the approach.