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Connect Ideas and Resources for Potent Solutions


Strategy isn’t just about the big things, it’s about putting all the small things into a bigger context. Strategic leaders have developed the skills and sense to each small decision to a more meaningful context.

End Result

You will develop the skills to clearly define your priorities, create choices by connecting the dots you didn’t even know needed connected, and allocating resources given your existing context. The combination of these skills will transform the way you make and implement decisions.

Strategic Thinking is different than strategic planning and in many ways more important. Strategic thinking is to recognize the broader context and purpose, where things need to go, and how to get there given your specific context. It’s about creating a route to a better future for yourself and others.

You have ideas, but are they strategic?

The Strategic Thinking course from Spark’s Learning Catalyst System is the only place to acquire this unique set of tools for a mind focused on making creative connections, understanding important context, and producing strategic solutions that maximize results.

Every Learning Catalyst Course from Spark Includes 

  • 14 Principles Based Learning Modules
  • Core Videos that Teach and Reinforce the Topic Principles
  • Over 30 Different Principles Based Challenges to Choose from
  • Built from The Learning Catalyst Rubrics
  • The Proprietary Reflection Guide and Journal Including The Six Types of Pivotal Learning Reflection Prompts
  • The Co-Journaling Guide to Build Collaboration Through Motivational Interviewing, Appreciative Inquiry, and Constructivst Approaches
  • The Leader Solutions Blueprint to Ensure Creativity and Insights are Brought Back to the Organization in Real and Tangible Ways and that Personal Learning is Reinforced
  • The Inquiry Map to Make Your Learning Personal and Meaningful and Progressing
  • Daily Refresher Videos that Inspire, Reinforce, and Remind
  • Unlimited Access to the Spark Learning Management System
  • Lifetime Access to All Updates and Additions

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If within 30 days of purchase, you engage in the content of the course, but aren’t satisfied with the results of your course, send in your completed Challenge Journal and we will give you a full refund.