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Every planning process has “choice points” – those places where decisions made will either increase or decrease equity. But how does one identify those choice points and determine the best course of actionHow can we use those choice points to transform our commitment to equity as a value into action?  

 This toolkit is designed to help groups who tackle complex problems integrate an equity lens into the decisions they are making. It specifically looks at how groups can focus on decisions made at those choice points to increase equity. There are many resources available that are designed to help build a better understanding of equity, the importance of engaging those most directly affected by a problem and by potential solutions, and why holding an equity value is crucial in creating a meaningful change.

This toolkit is not designed to summarize or replicate those resources (though we do provide a list of some resources we do recommend for further reading and practice). Rather, it is a straightforward set of definitions, tip sheets, checklists, and criteria that groups who are tackling complex problems can use during a planning process to transform an equity value into equity-driven decision making and action.