Content Design and Curation

The right ideas, at the right time, in the right place.

Content design and curation are about both how your people learn and what. Combining how your people learn with what is the only way to build effective learning approaches.

Content Design and Curation services from Spark Insight Partners will ensure a holistic view of how and what your people need in order to move the organization toward its vision.

Based on the latest research, benchmarking, and best-practices, we partner with you to design unique content that transforms how your people approach work and life in the most meaningful ways. Content that specially built for your organization and your people.

Organizations say they want their people to learn ...


Interpersonal Skills


Problem-Solving Skills


Strategic Thinking Skills

But, current trainings emphasize...


Management Strategies


Mandatory Compliance


Policies and Procedures


You're people are learning, but is it the right stuff?

Content Design and Curation services from Spark are unique in that we custom build content and curriculum that is as unique as your organization – in fact it’s design exclusively for your organization and your goals.

Content Design and Curation is a multi-step process that has the following stages:

  1. Identify your organizations priorities and goals
  2. Determine key competencies that will move your organization toward those goals
  3. Research and analyze the latest on your key competencies, including best-practices
  4. Turn the best-practices and latest research into custom content specific to your organization
  5. Support you through implementation

Every Learning Consulting engagement is customized and unique but you can rest assured you will get:

  • Deep learning expertise across industries, sectors, impact areas, organization types and sizes, and geographies
  • Tools, Models, and Frameworks perfectly suited for your needs
  • Hands on support when and where you need it
  • Strategic thinking to connect the dots and identify the implications you may not see
  • Results that tangibly move you toward your vision