This guide provides local advocates and their community partners information on how to approach local public funders or, in more centralized states, state agencies who allocate funding to local areas, to discuss opportunities and changes in how dollars are used to meet the community needs. Many public funders tailor their resource allocation to the needs of a given community, adapting the spending as needs change over time. Their responsiveness to changing needs provides the community with an opportunity to influence the way dollars are spent at the local level.

As you work your way through this guide, you may choose to define partners as state agency or local branch as a state agency, or a nonprofit, for profit, or non-governmental organization. Consider which might make sense for you to approach based on the need you identify.

Another resource that may be helpful is the Blending and Braiding Toolkit , which examines how to develop successful blended and braided funding strategies and can increase your capacity for undertaking funding conversations with partners.