Overview: Strategic Learning

Strategic learning, that is, using data and opportunities to learn and adapt strategies in response to changing environments or new information, may be more accessible than you realize. At its core, it includes four key things:

  1. Systematic data collection: Being thoughtful and purposeful about the data you collect and making sure the information directly relates to improving your strategies.
  2. Collective interpretation: Identifying who needs to be involved in interpreting the learning to improve the strategies and making sure they have time to be involved.
  3. Improving the Strategies: Using the information! Whatever else you do, make sure your learning makes a difference in your strategies.
  4. Research: Basing your learning process on research about your strategies and what they can achieve when possible. This can be one of the harder elements of this strategic learning approach, but you can work your way toward it with time, gradually integrating more and more research into your strategies and Strategic Roadmap.