Phase 2: Defining the Program/Services

Prior to developing your funding model, you and your partners must identify what you hope to accomplish by blending and braiding funding. Fiscal coordination strategies are only a means to an end, and to be successful the end needs to be well defined. The end may be a specific set of services, a specific population and a strategy for how to identify and meet service needs, or even a design for a system that serves a broad population through collaboration across many providers and many types of service needs. Regardless of the scope of your goals, you need to clearly define them and outline what you will be funding.

The downloadable checklist below includes a list of questions to help you define your program, including specific data points or types of information to collect. Many of these questions should sound familiar – they are common in grant writing. However, they are less common as part of a planning process for how to use long-term funding streams most effectively, which is exactly when this level of planning is most important.