Phase 4: Developing a Coordinated Financing Plan

Phase 4 consists of developing seven key components that come together in one document: Your Coordinated Financing Plan. That document is your guide to implement the blended or braided model.

Your Coordinated Financing Plan can serve multiple purposes. It can be a tool for talking with your funders so they can clearly understand the design of your braided system. It can help your programmatic staff, fiscal staff and board understand how and why each decision is being made. It can increase everyone’s confidence that funding is being used appropriately, including that blending or braiding multiple funding streams will not result in supplanting. Walking through Template C will help you address all of the remaining sections in this phase.

You will go through a process of documenting your overall approach to develop your financing plan. The documentation will include development of key materials that will be regularly used by your staff and key protocols that will be a core part of how you implement your blended or braided model.