Phase 5: Implementing, Tracking, and Improving

The final stage of developing your blending or braiding process is to implement. Throughout the process of developing your plan, we have emphasized the importance of engaging your funders and your community, family and consumer stakeholders in the process. This remains true during implementation. Although the model is now designed, it will not be static. You will need your stakeholders to help you modify your program as your funding streams change or funding requirements change.

Take time to collect feedback from your staff and clients on their experience of the process:

  • Is it seamless and invisible to clients?
  • Do Front Door staff have the level of decision-making they need to expedite access to services?
  • Do Back Door staff have enough information from the providers to make good decisions regarding allocation of funds?
  • Do your funders feel confident you are spending their money appropriately and achieving good outcomes?

Plan to revisit Template C: Your Coordinated Financing Plan  at least yearly and as funding streams change. Make sure someone is responsible for taking new information from funders and incorporating it into the plan. Making changes as needed, such as redoing your Fiscal Analysis for a funding stream to ensure it is being used appropriately even after it changes its rules, or updating your eligibility and allowability documentation when you secure a new funding stream.