Step 2: Data Collection – Specific Tools

Below are descriptions of and templates for a wide variety of data collection tools often used in advocacy evaluation. The tools presented here vary in the level of intensity, time, and resources or skills needed to collect and analyze data. When adapting tools, remember to only select the tools that match your time constraints and available resources, but that still work towards answering your evaluation question.

Adapting the data collection tools may be as simple as swapping out words so the tool fits the focus of your work. There may be times, however, where these tools do not meet your specific needs. If that happens, think about the idea behind the tools and what type of information the tool is trying to capture, and how that might apply in your own work to guide your adaptation.


  • For an even more comprehensive list of data collection tools for advocacy settings and information on how to use them, please visit the Handbook of Data Collection Tools from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, prepared by Organizational Research Services.