Step 2: Developing Your Roadmap

Strategic Roadmaps are a powerful tool for taking a complex problem and breaking down the solution into a series of meaningful, smaller changes called “preconditions”. They are a backwards planning process in which we articulate the big change we want to see in the world – the “why we are here” – and then identify the smaller changes that will lead to that big change.

The process of developing a Strategic Roadmap begins with the strategies and outcomes you articulated in Step 1. It also incorporates the learning from the research you did to help understand what your strategies can realistically achieve. In fact, the work you already did to define what is possible from your planned strategies and desired outcomes, and the tweaking you did to better align them based on research, has set you up to easily create a Strategic Roadmap with your Learning Team.


  • For additional information about the Roadmap process and how it fits into the Strategic Learning process, see Strategic Learning: Creating the Space and Structure for Learning

Goal: To document how each strategy leads to each outcome by creating a visual plan of action