Step 6: Sustaining Strategic Learning

By the time you have reached Step 5 , you should have seen some direct benefit from strategic learning: One or more strategies have been revised in response to learning; you are improving your ability to achieve the desired outcomes; and you have a clear roadmap to continue to guide your strategies toward even greater success. However, strategic learning is not just a one-time opportunity to plug research into your strategies. Ideally, it is an ongoing process that may take more effort at some times and less effort at other times. The focus of the learning should change as your work becomes not just more effective, but better understood by your Learning Team. The process of continuing to engage in strategic learning comes largely from keeping the Learning Team active, revisiting your Strategic Roadmap regularly, and taking time to ask yourselves what else you need to know in order to do good, even better.

Goal: To sustain, improve and expand your organization’s use of strategic learning.