All of the rapid change in the health landscape allows for exciting opportunities to engage stakeholders and, therefore, create solutions that are as equitable as they are innovative. However, engaging these voices effectively requires a commitment to the process to ensure they aren’t just token representation, and that their perspectives and lived experiences truly inform the process. This level of engagement can be challenging, to be sure, but the effort is well worth it in improved outcomes.

This month, we are highlighting some of the work we’re doing with two health-related projects actively involving the stakeholder voice:Image of stakeholders

Both projects seek to improve health outcomes. To do this, these projects rely heavily on meaningfully engaging stakeholders in the process to inform the work, identify needed shifts, and ensure the work is driving toward high-impact outcomes.

We’re also highlighting:

  • Our “Tools for Engaging Nontraditional Voices” toolkit;
  • A blog that examines the stakeholder engagement process in the development of the Colorado Coordinated Chronic Disease State Framework; and
  • Some of the work our team members are doing outside the office to engage stakeholders to support equity.

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