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Joby Schaffer – Spark Insight Partners

Senior Researcher

Joby Schaffer

Joby leads a wide variety of evaluation work with projects ranging from homelessness to entrepreneurship. He is well-versed in many forms of evaluation to fit your needs whether that be advocacy, systems change, or anything in-between.


Interest Areas

  • Advocacy evaluation, systems evaluation, and culture change evaluation
  • Evaluation in service of continuous improvement and strategic learning; emergent learning practices and tools; facilitation to enable evaluation to become actionable
  • Application of human-centered design to strategy, evaluation, and learning, including tool, toolkit, and service design

Joby Schaffer is a Senior Researcher at Spark. He has expertise in various evaluation and design methodologies. In his five years with Spark, he’s led a wide variety of evaluation, research, and design teams, and he’s had many opportunities to work with community members to advance their causes and build their power. Joby is a strong believer in the principles and practices advanced by the equitable evaluation initiative and is constantly exploring ways to improve his thinking and practice of evaluation to ensure his work is in service of marginalized populations.

Prior to joining Spark, Joby was a research assistant and graduate instructor at the University of Colorado. His dissertation research focused on the application of complexity theory and the use of systems models to inform program and policy design, specifically in the context of efforts to better support unregulated vendors. This experience enables Joby to bring a unique perspective on policy and systems to evaluation work, including helping stakeholders better understand the how and the why of systems change work.

Joby holds a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he taught courses on public policy analysis, comparative politics, and economic development. He also holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a focus on finance from the Leeds School of Business and a Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Outside of Spark, Joby enjoys watching Liverpool FC (YNWA), raising two amazing children with his wife Lindsey, running and spending time outdoors, and learning new things through reading and taking online courses.