Resources from Spark

Blending and Braiding in Early Childhood Home Visiting Programs A companion guide to the “Early Childhood Guide to Blending and Braiding in New York”, this guide by Spark Policy Institute is designed to help early childhood home visiting programs review available funding streams, compare these funding streams to program activities, and to incorporate this analysis into a blended or braided model. Colorado Guide 2: TANF for Local Communities: Over 50 Ways to Use Your TANF! The purpose of The Colorado Guide to TANF for Local Communities is to demonstrate how to maximize the impact of TANF through its flexibility to meet critical gaps in safety net services, leading to improved outcomes for low-income families. TANF is often referred to as a “grey” funding stream due to the lack of concrete information available about specific uses and its relative flexibility compared to other government funding sources. This guide will help service providers and local TANF administrators navigate the “grey” and explore the scope of this funding source to more creatively meet the needs of low-income families outside of the traditional realm of welfare.