Values & Commitment
Values & Commitment

Our Values

  • Respect: We treat everyone – from our internal staff to our external stakeholders to their partners – with respect, recognizing the value their unique perspectives and lived experiences bring to developing solutions that create meaningful change for those most affected.
  • Innovation: We’re willing to go where no person has gone before, building on what we have learned while steadily improving ideas and adapting along the way rather than assuming the best solution can be identified upfront.
  • Teamwork: We support our team, pitching in when needed and working to develop skills at untangling messy, complex issues in meaningful ways, including balancing keeping a big picture view with working through the details.
  • Focus on Outcomes: We recognize products and processes are just a first step. We are here to help our clients and partners make decisions and solve problems through actionable research, effective processes, and learning together every step of the way.

Our Commitment

Spark Policy Institute believes diverse perspectives are key to achieving meaningful change. We are committed to fostering an organizational culture where all people are treated fairly; supporting communities with tailored approaches that lead to a successful future; and ensuring all voices are heard, particularly those most affected by the change.